Good to see you!

Welcome to the landing site for Brindle Acres Rustic Design. My name is Dave Cummins and I am a retired veteran of 20+ years in the military and can’t thank you enough for dropping by the page.  It has been my dream since I was very young to own my own business and in that business to make things that would improve and enhance other peoples lives and homes and from that dream Brindle Acres was born.


Brindle Acres Rustic Designs sits on 5 beautiful acres in the panhandle of Florida where I live with my beautiful wife and 4 dogs. Please look around the gallery and see some of my past completed projects. I am always open to sitting down and seeing if the idea you have in your mind is something we can work on to make a reality. You can contact me through this page or my Facebook or Instagram pages.

Thanks again for dropping by and I hope to hear from you. Cheers!